A pair are really a must have for wildlife photography

Pentax FB-8 credit card sized travel binoculars

These little binoculars that I purchased some time back in the 1990's

8x18 with their wide view (non circular).  The collapse down to 3 3/8" x 2 1/4" x 5/8"

and fit in their little protective leather pouch.

They are not water resistant, but when you need to travel very light... Well

Still in active service

Canon 10x32 Image stabilized Binoculars

These were my first venture into stabilized binoculars.  The concept is wonderful, instead of the image bouncing all over the place when hand held, or trying to find something to rest them on, just press the power button and everything settles down.
While this feature is usually not required for low power binoculars, it certainly is helpful on higher powered one.
These date back to about 1998 range.  Found useful for stargazing.  The only concern I had is they are anything but weather resistant.  They can fog up, and keep out of rain.
Currently on long term loan to a friend

Canon 18x50 Weatherproof image Stabilized Binoculars

These solved all the problems with the first pair.  Weatherproof,  fine in the rain, but not waterproof, so don't go swimming with them

18 power... that makes things at distant really big. and the stabilizer works great.  It can be locked on or just on while the button is pressed.  A LED on the case lights when the system is active.  Runs on common AA sized batteries.

Have had this set for about 17 years and they are still current.


Nikon 8x42 Monarch Water Proof binoculars

 While the 18 power binoculars are great in open areas, trying to find a bird in a tree with that much power is hard.  These 8 power units are much better for in close bird watching, and a lot lighter
Have had these from about 2009 and still kicking, although they have signs of lots of use

My wife loves them

Swift 11x80 Observer Astronomical Binoculars

These little binoculars are almost 12 " tall and almost 6 lbs.
The exit pupil is over 7mm.  For young eyes they provide maximum light gathering.  However for us older folks who's pupils don't open as wide as they used to... well not getting rid of them
They are best used on a tripod.  To which a special mounting bracket was included and they simply attach to the tripod screw.

Still in active use

Tasco Essentials 10x42 Binoculars

They don't all have to be expensive.  These were about $50 US in Walmart.  Got to the States on one trip and realized we forgot the binoculars.  DUMB!

These proved OK for the trip, no they would not replace the Nikon units, they are weather resistant. Not proof.  But they work

And there are others in the box and camera bags

From left to right

Bushnell 10x25
Tasco 10x25 "InFocus" (no focus control)
Tasco  8x21 (from the 1980's)
Tasco 10x25

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