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Hard to believe a week and a half has gone by and there are no photos but we've been busy just not doing a lot of fun things. We've managed a bit of geocaching and a couple of bike rides and a lot of chores. Every year in the spring I start thinking about washing windows, cleaning the freezer out and doing a major house cleaning. Well the thinking has finally stopped and the doing started. It really helped the the weather has also been rather iffy. It helped that every day seemed to have a bit of sun, a bit of cloud, a bit of rain and cool temperatures. I still have a bit to do but the majority is done. The weather is suppose to improve so maybe summer isn't over yet.
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Yesterday afternoon we repacked our bags and drove to Sauble Beach and Rob and Ellen's cottage with our ATVs. Today Ed and Rob went off for a ride while Ellen and I went for a long walk along the beach. It was nice to extend our mini vacation.

2017/08/26: Boat Ride

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Ed and Chris spent a bit of time working on Chris's old boat. Happily they found the problem and the boat is now running smoother.

To celebrate fixing the old boat we took the new boat out for a drive.

It's easy to relax sitting in the back the boat watching the scenery go by.

Chris told us that the water is high in the lake this year. The high water and ice in the spring damaged his docks. So far he has managed to replace one of them, obviously the new one is on the left.

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Chris and Tina's cottage is one of five cottages on a island about a five minute boat ride from the marina.

It's very relaxing to sit on the new dock and watch the water and the occasional boat go by.

Midland is a cute little town with a nice harbour about a 20 minute drive by car from the marina. Tina had heard that there was a Tugboat Festival this weekend so we decided to go and check it out.

I liked the name of this boat.

About 10 tugboats of various sizes and descriptions were there. They left the dock and headed into the harbour to get ready for the tugboat races. We watched a couple of heats but did't really understand what was going on. Different size boats were in the heats, so very unmatched competition and there didn't seem to be a start line. When the whistle blew the boats started to gain speed from wherever they were.

I thought this was the cutest tugboat.

On the drive back to the cottage we stopped at Port McNicoll to look at the S.S. Keewatin. SS Keewatin is a passenger liner that once sailed between Port Arthur / Fort William (now Thunder Bay) on Lake Superior and Port McNicoll on Georgian Bay (Lake Huron) in Ontario, Canada. She retired in 1966 and was acquired by RJ Peterson of Douglas Michigan for historic preservation. In June of 2012 she was sold to Canadian developer SKYLINE INVESTMENTS and sailed back to the Port that had been her home since 1912, Port McNicoll Ontario and run by a volunteer organization is again open to the public as an Historic Destination.

The front half of the S.S. Keewatin.

The rest of the S.S. Keewatin.

2017/08/24: Off to Six Mile Lake

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Our friends Chris and Tina own a cottage on Six Mile Lake which is north of Barrie just off of highway 400.

Guess who thought we should take a few breaks in during the 2 hour drive? Yeah, Ed decided to stop and find a few geocaches that were placed along the road we were driving.


2017/08/23: A Kayaking We Will Go

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Weather and life has made our kayaking trek from Walkerton to Southampten stretch over the entire summer. Two sections left do --- only one after today.

It was sunny but cool. Swim shorts and a jacket did the trick.

We started just south of the town of Paisley and paddled north.

Today we passed a private camping that offers sites to paddlers and a conservation area with campground that also offers campsites to paddlers.

The day started with fog and cloud but ended in beautiful sunshine though it never really warmed up.

2017/08/21: Bike Ride and Eclipse

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We drove into Port Elgin today to meet up with other members of the PROBUS cycling group.

Along the way we saw this field of sunflowers. Ed couldn't resist taking a few photos.


We enjoyed are bike ride though were disappointed that only a few of us showed up. After the ride we to stopped at Betty and Gary's cottage in Port Elgin for a cold drink. When we were about to leave, Ed realized that it was almost time for the eclipse to start. He was prepared --- he had brought a welding helmet and his camera with him. We sat by the lake and watched the 70% eclipse. A few people walked by so we let them have a look through the helmet.

A shot of the harbour. It was a little hazy but you can see the sun.

20170822-2017-08-22_164909 combined2.jpg
The eclipse. Good thing we stayed in Port Elgin. Ed was told that Walkerton was cloudy during the eclipse.

2017/08/20: Annual Block Party

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Paula and Kathy hosted the annual block party this. Due to Paula's perseverance and hounding 62 people attended the party .... I think this is a record. It's a great way meet people who have recently moved into the neighbourhood and catch up with others that you only see once a year or in passing.

Good thing Paula has a TV in her garage .... the die hard baseball fans didn't have to miss the game.

To make the event extra special some fireworks were purchased. Dan (one of the neighbours) set the fireworks up on the side of the road.

We're ready for the show to begin.

20170822-20170820_205421.jpg 20170822-20170820_205549.jpg

20170822-20170820_205605.jpg 20170822-20170820_205756.jpg
For home fireworks it was a great show. We all enjoyed it. Thanks Paula and Kathy .... job well done.
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Not sure why but Ed didn't take any pictures today. It was good to see people that we don't see often and to help celebrate such a joyous occasion.

On facebook we saw a post that said another cousin Charmaine and her husband Doug were also celebrating their anniversary. Happy Anniversay Charmaine and Doug.

2017/08/18: Lindsay

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My cousin Joan and her husband are celebrating their 50th anniversary tomorrow. Their daughter is throwing a party for them at the church in the village of Kendal where they were married. Kendal is also where my cousin lives and also where my father grew up. It's a 3 1/2 to 4 hour drive so Ed and I decided to turn the trip into a mini vacation. We stayed in Lindsay, a town about 30 minutes from Kendal.

An interesting carving.

I didn't realize or I had forgotten that the Trent Severen Waterway went through Lindsay and that there is a lock in town. There are beautiful walkways following the river.

There's a park in town that has a plaque and this sign thanking Canada for helping to free Holland during the WWII. My dad was a soldier in the Canadian army and he met my mother in Holland after the Canadians freed Holland.

20170822-20170818_202834.jpg 20170822-20170818_204717.jpg
Thought this was an interesting mailbox. And yes, Ed did talk me into geocaching while we were visiting Lindsay. This mini timbit box is a cache.