2017/07/23: Miata Bath Time

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I've been threatening to wash the Miata for over a month. Whenever I had the time it was either raining or too hot and sunny. Today, it was overcast and a comfortable temperature and I had a supervisor to ensure that I did the job correctly.



Mia the Miata looks great and is back in the garage waiting for a sunny day so she can hit the open road.

2017/07/22: Off to Burlington

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I remembered something today. It's not fun to walk a dog in the rain especially when you didn't put on all your rain gear. We also learned something about Amy today. She doesn't like the blow dryer but she does enjoy a vigorous rub with a towel.


A few weeks ago my brother telephoned and told me that mom's dryer was no longer running. He changed fuses and tried a few other things but couldn't get it to run. Luckily, David didn't mind taking the wet laundry to the laundromat to dry it till Ed could make it down to Burlington with me. Ed brought a tool kit with me expecting that he'd get to tear the dryer apart. No such luck, the problem was a broken shaft inside the dryer knob. A bit of wire got the the knob back in working order and a spare universal knob was purchased as a back up. As he had lots of spare time, Ed did a few other minor repairs. Amy spent the time getting lots of attention.

I think my mom was more excited about Amy coming to visit than Ed fixing her dryer.
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Amy coming to visit should be good for Ed and me. Not only are we getting a mega dog fix .... no I'm not ready to adopt a dog just yet .... we are also getting a lot of exercise. Amy likes to walk and if you walk quickly she doesn't stop to poke around.

Today is Victor's birthday ... I won't say how old he is just that it's a significant one. Victor usually ignores his birthday but this year he allowed Anne to invite their kids and grandkids for a family dinner last Sunday and to invite Ed and myself on his actual birthday. We were even allowed to bring a card and dessert. I found a musical candle so Victor wasn't subjected to an off key rendition of Happy Birthday.

Anne thought she might need cookies to encourage Amy to become friends with her. Not so --- Amy just walked in and walked up to Anne and demanded pets. Later they had snuggle time.

2017/07/20: Amy is on Vacation

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Our friends Sue and Bob are off on vacation so their dog Amy is spending her vacation with Ed and me.

My dog sense is not what it once was. Sometime in the afternoon Amy barked at me and started harassing me. I took her outside but I quickly figured out that wasn't what she wanted. When we went back inside and I looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:20 a little light went one. Amy was hungry and it was past her dinner time.



Amy is on vacation for two weeks so be warned there are a lot of Amy pictures coming your way.

2017/07/19: Out for a Walk

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This morning I had a nice walk in the Durham Conservation with my friend Sue and her golden retriever Amy. In the afternoon I played bridge with a nice group of women. Surprisingly I still felt like I needed a walk after dinner. Our walk led us to the river. Ed commented how still the water was.



2017/07/18: Nice Day for a Drive

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The sun is shining and the temperature is just about right ---- not too hot not too cold --- perfect day for driving the Miata. Today we head north east.

One of today's geocaches took us to a small lake where Ed found an interesting cache.

We also drove through Markdale, home of Chapman's Ice Cream. In 2009 the production building was destroyed in a fire. The new building is aptly name Phoenix.

We ended up in Thornbury around lunch time and decided to find The Dam Pub which is owned by the aerobatics pilot Gord Price. Gord flew in the airshow in June. The Dam Pub is in an old house converted into a pub, with a large front patio. A very nice place for lunch.

After lunch we ended up at the Thornbury Harbour. Lots of boats here.

Also a nice pier. Seems to be a favourite spot for kids to just in the water.

We continued our search for geocaches ending up in Collingwood and Eugenia until Ed had finally found ten. During our search we walked a couple of nice trails, visited a couple of cemeteries and found a few lakes.
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This year the Car Tour included six private collections and the restored Old Stone House. Two of the collections are new on the tour this year and the other four we've seen previously, but it is nice to see what has been added to the collections.

The Eidt Collection includes a number of cars and a lot of car memorabilia.

I always enjoy looking at the old motorbikes.

I really liked the two cars that were added to the Lang Collection.

1954 Kaiser Darrin. 435 cars were made during it's one year of production. Surprisingly 300 plus are still around in various conditions. The car has a fiberglass body, 6 cylinder Willy's F Head Motor, 3 position Landau Top and is the only American car with sliding (pocket) doors. This car was restored to exact original condition in 2005.

This Packard is also new to the collection but we didn't see a sign telling us about the car, so all we know is it's a Packard.

This year the Rotary Club of Walkerton hosted the car show and organized the Bruce County Smoked Pork Chop Dinner. The pork chop was delicious as was the rest of the dinner.

2017/07/13: More Rain

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The kayaks and bikes didn't make it off the RAV yesterday. Today the bikes came off but only long enough for Ed to put them on Yvonne's bike rack and take them for a short drive through the RV park. Ed has been complaining about his bike rack since we bought new bikes last year and he has been coveting the type of bike rack Yvonne has. I feel a purchase coming on.

It actually rained more today than it did yesterday so no kayaking or biking again. Instead, we drove the short distance to Lions Head to pick up a few groceries --- Ed used up all the coffee. I was pleasantly surprised how nice the Lions Head Foodland was and how well it was stocked.

Ed took advantage of the drive and introduced Bob and Yvonne to geocaching. Experiencing geocaching for the first time in the rain is probably not the best way to get people interested in the activity.

2017/07/12: Off to Miller Lake

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Late yesterday afternoon we arrived back home and started packing again. The ATVs were washed and put back in the garage. The bicycle and kayak racks were dug out and put on the RAV. Dirty clothes were removed from our duffel bag and cleans clothes added. I also managed to bake a pie to take with me.

This morning we loaded the kayaks and bicycles and drove north once more. The forecast wasn't great for the next two days but cloudy and a 40% chance of rain seemed OK. When we were about three quarters of the way there it started raining --- not a good sign.

We have arrived.

20170719-20170712_153810.jpg 20170719-20170712_171927.jpg
Miles, the dog, has a problem with his back and can't walk too far. He gets excited when he sees the backpack come out --- Miles loves to watch the world go by from his dad's back. Not only was it a little moist out but it was also cool.

Happy Zaph Day! Today is the anniversary of Zaphod's birth. Ed and I took a moment to remember our good buddy. We still miss the big guy.

2017/07/11: Geocaching

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Ellen figured she could handle geocaching as you really don't need 2 arms to look for caches so off we went. The made showed a number of caches. Unfortunately a number of them were on the Bruce Trail and hiking wasn't in our plans for the day. The geocaching might not have been too successful but we did find a nice market and bakery --- good cookies and bread.