2017/07/30: Happy Birthday Amy!!!

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Amy turned 6 years old today. She's not allowed treats and she destroys any toys she's given so we just gave her lots of attention today.

Oh, yeah and a party hat.

We gave her a rope toy as a prop, we'll let her mom and dad decide if she can have it.



My mom loves dogs so we invited her and my brother up for dinner so she could spend some time with Amy.
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The Walkerton Annual Classic Car & Truck Show is on today at the Agricultural Building. We decided to walk down to the show and take Amy with us.

Amy, it's hard to put my shoes on when you're trying to get pets.

There was a pretty good variety of cars at the show.

Including a number of Ford Model "A"s.

There's a little garden by the main door of the Agricultural building. These daylilies were in the garden.



This afternoon and evening was our neighbour's annual croquet tournament.

Ed did really well this year, he made it to the final round.

2017/07/28: Amy goes to the Beach

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Ed, Amy and I loaded up the ATVs and drove to Sauble Beach. Ed and Rob are going ATVing while Ellen, Amy and I are going to the beach in Oliphant. The beach in Oliphant is actually part of a very shallow harbour and because it's so shallow it usually isn't very busy. As I was told that Amy is not a water dog I thought this would be the prefect spot for Amy to try out a beach.

Amy would walk around in the water for a few minutes, then it was full speed ahead out of the water.

She's not looking very happy being wet. So different from Zaph.

Rob and Ellen's daughter, son-in-law and grandson stopped by the cottage for dinner.

Hudson lives with four cats so he was quite curious about Amy.

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Ed and I are helping to plan a car rally for the Probus group we belong to. As it is Bruce County's 150th birthday we thought we would look for historical places not too far from Walkerton (it's in Bruce County). Over the period of four days Ed and I loaded Amy into the RAV and drove a lot of back roads. The end result is Amy can now jump into the RAV without any problem ---- the first few trips in the RAV saw Ed lifting or boosting her in. We also found some historical places.

I took Amy for a walk one morning in the rain. Turns out she loooooovvvvveeeessss to be towel dried. You can keep the hairdryer.

We found the row of vultures on the fence posts to be interesting. Don't think we can expect them to be sitting there on the day of the car rally.

At another spot a neighbourhood dog came to check Amy out.

20170801-20170725_141757.jpg 20170801-20170726_115824.jpg
The facade of a Catholic Church. The graveyard remains but the building is gone. The tower was used to hang fire hoses so they could dry.

The Amy admiration society. She loves getting attention.

A pioneer graveyard. Not sure why but all of the stones were moved close together. Some of the headstones are obviously new.

Several years ago we found a geocache at an old graveyard. There was an old church by the graveyard that was no longer in use. We had trouble finding the church on our drive but eventually found the graveyard. It's easy to see why we couldn't find the church. Not sure what this new building is.

2017/07/23: Miata Bath Time

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I've been threatening to wash the Miata for over a month. Whenever I had the time it was either raining or too hot and sunny. Today, it was overcast and a comfortable temperature and I had a supervisor to ensure that I did the job correctly.



Mia the Miata looks great and is back in the garage waiting for a sunny day so she can hit the open road.

2017/07/22: Off to Burlington

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I remembered something today. It's not fun to walk a dog in the rain especially when you didn't put on all your rain gear. We also learned something about Amy today. She doesn't like the blow dryer but she does enjoy a vigorous rub with a towel.


A few weeks ago my brother telephoned and told me that mom's dryer was no longer running. He changed fuses and tried a few other things but couldn't get it to run. Luckily, David didn't mind taking the wet laundry to the laundromat to dry it till Ed could make it down to Burlington with me. Ed brought a tool kit with me expecting that he'd get to tear the dryer apart. No such luck, the problem was a broken shaft inside the dryer knob. A bit of wire got the the knob back in working order and a spare universal knob was purchased as a back up. As he had lots of spare time, Ed did a few other minor repairs. Amy spent the time getting lots of attention.

I think my mom was more excited about Amy coming to visit than Ed fixing her dryer.
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Amy coming to visit should be good for Ed and me. Not only are we getting a mega dog fix .... no I'm not ready to adopt a dog just yet .... we are also getting a lot of exercise. Amy likes to walk and if you walk quickly she doesn't stop to poke around.

Today is Victor's birthday ... I won't say how old he is just that it's a significant one. Victor usually ignores his birthday but this year he allowed Anne to invite their kids and grandkids for a family dinner last Sunday and to invite Ed and myself on his actual birthday. We were even allowed to bring a card and dessert. I found a musical candle so Victor wasn't subjected to an off key rendition of Happy Birthday.

Anne thought she might need cookies to encourage Amy to become friends with her. Not so --- Amy just walked in and walked up to Anne and demanded pets. Later they had snuggle time.

2017/07/20: Amy is on Vacation

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Our friends Sue and Bob are off on vacation so their dog Amy is spending her vacation with Ed and me.

My dog sense is not what it once was. Sometime in the afternoon Amy barked at me and started harassing me. I took her outside but I quickly figured out that wasn't what she wanted. When we went back inside and I looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:20 a little light went one. Amy was hungry and it was past her dinner time.



Amy is on vacation for two weeks so be warned there are a lot of Amy pictures coming your way.

2017/07/19: Out for a Walk

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This morning I had a nice walk in the Durham Conservation with my friend Sue and her golden retriever Amy. In the afternoon I played bridge with a nice group of women. Surprisingly I still felt like I needed a walk after dinner. Our walk led us to the river. Ed commented how still the water was.



2017/07/18: Nice Day for a Drive

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The sun is shining and the temperature is just about right ---- not too hot not too cold --- perfect day for driving the Miata. Today we head north east.

One of today's geocaches took us to a small lake where Ed found an interesting cache.

We also drove through Markdale, home of Chapman's Ice Cream. In 2009 the production building was destroyed in a fire. The new building is aptly name Phoenix.

We ended up in Thornbury around lunch time and decided to find The Dam Pub which is owned by the aerobatics pilot Gord Price. Gord flew in the airshow in June. The Dam Pub is in an old house converted into a pub, with a large front patio. A very nice place for lunch.

After lunch we ended up at the Thornbury Harbour. Lots of boats here.

Also a nice pier. Seems to be a favourite spot for kids to just in the water.

We continued our search for geocaches ending up in Collingwood and Eugenia until Ed had finally found ten. During our search we walked a couple of nice trails, visited a couple of cemeteries and found a few lakes.