Can't believe that it's the 26th of May already. Not sure if anyone is checking the blog as I haven't written anything since we arrived home at the end of March. But just in case and to give myself a record of my life for when I'm old and don't remember much I thought I would continue updating.

April was a world wind of settling in, unpacking and cleaning the trailer, doing taxes, visiting family and just getting on with life.

This is what our front yard looked like when we arrived home.

Ok, from another angle the snow wasn't as bad as it looked in the first photo. The snow was melting but there was still lots of it. The big pile on the front lawn was the result of a snow blower blowing the snow from the entire driveway onto the front lawn.

Ed and I decided that we would take a day each week and explore the area. Let's see ..... one day was cold and rainy so we did a shopping day --- at least we went into a couple of stores we've never been in before, another day was beautiful so we went geocaching in Kincardine. Unfortunately it was also very cold especially by the lake.

I had on many layers of clothing including a headband and gloves. Zaph just wanted to go into the lake but as I didn't want a pupsicle he wasn't allowed in.

The harbor minus the boats. There were a few people visiting their boats sitting in dry dock.

We found the geocache on the back of the navigation marker.

Smallest cache we've found yet.

May is flying by just as fast as April did, but it has been filled with bridal showers, trips to Burlington, gardening and getting the trailer repaired. Oh and finishing the quilt I started last fall.

It's going to be used as a lap quilt in the theater room.

If you remember March's blog we arrived home with a very unhappy trailer ---- one slide wouldn't open. I didn't mention the squealing noises that trailer made as it was backed into the driveway. Turned out one of the trailer's hubs was "broken" and the trailer had thrown a break pad ---- that was the source of the squealing. As the ever prepared Mr. Ed had a spare break pad (left over from replacing the previously thrown break pad) he replaced that, but decided the dealer could deal with the other problems. Good thing too .... the hub was replaced under warranty, the slide was a known issue so easy to fix, the screen on the screen door replaced (a certain dog scratched it when he was scared during a thunder storm), steps and hitch painted (didn't even ask for that). The trailer is again fit to hit the road. Unfortunately, I don't know when that will be.

All the rain we've been having has made for some beautiful spring flowers. The little garden near the house was full of tulips.

Flowers a dinner guest brought. Beautiful and they lasted a couple of weeks.

This summer we are attending two weddings --- Sue and Greg are getting married July 16th and Deana and Jeff are getting are getting married June 25th. Ed and I have know Sue since she was a few days old and have watch her grown up into a beautiful young woman. Deana, we've only known a couple of years as we live across the street from her parents. As luck would have it the bridal showers were held on the same weekend but one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Both brides registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond so that made shopping a little easier. I must have chosen some larger items because by time the checkout girls had wrapped the gifts for me (gift wrapping included because the brides were registered) I got to experience a scene out of the movies ---- walking out of a store loaded down with bags and boxes. What fun. Later that same day I went shopping for a dress to wear to the weddings ... also a lot of fun. The woman in the store grabbed about a dozen dresses, put them in a dressing room and said have at it. I did and found 2 dresses I really liked and eventually chose one.

Sue is in the green, black and white dress opening the present and obviously having a great time.

The ribbons and bows from the presents were made into a bouquet.

Deana is in the black and white top with white sweater. The older girls in the photo are her bridesmaids.

Deana showing off her beautiful hat of ribbons and bows.