It's two days of hard driving to get home from Bella Vista. The first night was spent at a Walmart in Terre Haute, Indiana. The day was beautiful till we drove into Illinois. Dark clouds lay ahead of us. Turing on the weather radio we heard about the severe thunder storm warnings the area was having. Lucky for us the storms were leaving the area as we were moving in. The roads were wet but we only experienced a small bit of rain.

2nd day of driving saw us arriving home after 12 hours on the road. Timing was good as it was Saturday thus no rush hour traffic through Indianapolis. We did hit traffic backup at the border which added about a half hour to our day. The day was cool, cloudy and dry though the sun did shine when we arrived in Ontario.

April 1st brought drizzle to Walkerton so only a bit of unpacking was done .... I kinda of needed the food that was in the trailer.

April 2nd brought beautiful sunny weather which allowed us to unload the majority of items we bring into the house.

April 3rd saw me cleaning the house and Ed starting to work on some of his spring projects. Guess life is back to Bruce county normality.