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April is just zooming by and we're finally seeing some signs of spring. The early flowers are blooming, tulips and daffodils are close and there are buds on the trees.

Ed has finished the nightstands and they are in their places in the bedroom. A couple of years ago we purchased a dresser, so Ed designed the nightstands to match. The trickiest part was matching the stain as it was actually made up of four colours and he had to determine the amount of each colour. The bed really needs a headboard now but it'll probably be a project for next year. Just in case Ed gets motivated before next fall, I searched the Internet and found photos of headboards I like.



A couple of the ladies we play pickleball with sing in the Grey-Bruce Singers --- a choir consisting of about 80 men and women. They told us about the spring concert so Ed and I purchased tickets. What a wonderful evening. The hall the concert was held in isn't large so every seat gets a great view.

The choir. I thought they were amazing.

The concert consisted of songs by the choir plus what I was told were skits. The skits were a combination of individuals and groups from the choir singing, four sisters, cloggers and four women from the choir dancing. The young girls were very good, if fact the eldest two did solos. The littlest one sang, fiddled and looked cute.

The dancers looked like they were having a great time.
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yup there was at least an inch of snow on the ground when I woke us this morning and it's been snowing off and on all day. Luckily it's not staying on the road or the driveway, so no shoveling.



Good news is it's suppose to get warm again in a couple of days and the snow should all melt. Hopefully, it's not enough to cause more flooding.
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the river, that is. (I know this is the same date as the last post but I thought these photos deserved their own entry).

Ed and I drove downtown to do a couple of errands and noticed that the roads on the north side of the main street were closed and you could see water, lots of water. Turns out that with all the melting and rain that occurred over the last couple of days the river is running high. High enough that it found a new path and flooded the low lying areas including parking lots, yards and roads and I'm sure a few basements. We're on high ground so no flooding for us.

A small creek normally flows under the little bridge then into a sewer pipe, under the road and into the river .... doesn't look like the water can get into the river.

Lobby's bridge --- no clearance for any debris floating down the river.

The left side of the road is Lobby's Park, a park and campground. Only water as far as you could see.

Not sure but think this fellow was checking to see how close the water was to his door.

I think this guy was checking to see how deep the water was --- over his knees.

More flooding around some industrial buildings.

Zaph and I are walking by River Bend Park. We're staying on top of the levy as the path is under water. The hill is at least a couple of stories high and the river is usually at least 300 meters away.

The dam .... not the normal drop off.
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It's interesting to watch how snow melts. We had a lot of caves and bridges this year.

This bridge is almost gone, and sure enough in a couple of hours it was. (April 7)

This appears to be a spring hobby for a lot of Walkertonions --- move the snow back onto the driveway in hopes that it will melt. (April 8)

Finally on April 8th, the front roof is clear of snow! Still a bit of snow on the east and north sides.

Proof positive that spring is coming. The snow left a corner of one of my gardens and this plant didn't waste anytime making an appearance. Think they are tulips. (April 9)

Ed decided to take up the Walkerton hobby and broke into the tall snowbanks on the side of the driveway. (April 10)

.... and it worked. Still some snow and ice but at a much nicer height. (April 14)

Zaph's new best friend. Dustin, our neighbours grandson was out exploring the neighbourhood. One of the words he knows is "dog" and it was used a lot today.
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Yes, I spend a lot of time these days obsessing about the snow melt --- is it melting? how much did it melt today? can I see over the snowbank? Areas not a lot south of us no longer have any snow on the ground and I think I'm a little jealous --- one day maybe by the end of April that'll be us too!

Ed's still working on the night stands. I know it seems like it's taking a long time but there's lots of glue and wait time so that slows the process down. He's working on the drawers now, so the end of the building phase is in site.

I'm busy working on plans for our summer vacation so that's keeping me busy and helping me to ignore the snow melt.

April 1st, we start noticing our snow bridge.

April 4th, it snows again and only one member of our family is happy about it.

April 6th, our snow bridge is getting smaller.

Ed has chipped away at the bank so we can see down the road when exiting the driveway and it shouldn't be long before I can see over it.

The river is open and the birds are enjoying it.

It won't be long before the river overflows it's bank. It's flowing over the dam now.


You never know what will appear when a snow bank melts. The owners must have decided to store it for the winter on the side of the road.