Hard to believe that it's the end of February already. It's been an up and down winter ---- a little snow, a little rain, some cold days and some mild days. This makes for less stress as the driving is easier but also a little more boring as you can't get out and enjoy the snow. February was a slow month thus my excuse for not updating the blog on a regular basis. I don't know if anyone is still reading these as I haven't written a blog update for a month but as I also write these for myself, kinda of like a diary or a log so I can look back and see what Ed and I were up during a particular time period.

The lack of snow and reasonable temperatures allowed Ed to convince me to go geocaching a couple of times.

20160302-20160207_IMG_1880.JPG 20160302-20160207_IMG_1882.JPG
The first time we drove around the country side near Port Elgin. Found a couple of geocaches and some roads we need to explore further in the summer.

The second time out we explored the area east of Chesley and south of Owen Sound.

The geocache we found near here was called "hi mac".

We drove down dead end road to a picnic area on Arran Lake and were surprised to see about a dozen vehicles park on the side of the road. This is what we saw when we got to the edge of the lake.

Looks like Arran Lake is a popular ice fishing spot.

A number of people were sitting by their holes and then there are the more serious ice fishermen.

We had a "good snow" day and drove up to Saugeen Bluffs Conservation area for a little snow shoeing.

The river was frozen near the shore and there were some chunks of ice floating down the river.

20160302-20160215_IMG_1901.JPG 20160302-20160215_IMG_1902.JPG
Some interesting snow sculptures.

Another view of the river. If you look closely you can see some wild turkeys. We also saw deer and of course squirrels.

A better shot of the wild turkeys.

Swinging in snowshoes wasn't easy.

Ed spent some time in his shop in February.

You can see one of the night stands in his "paint booth".

Ed used a few clamps when he glued the headboard.

The finished bedroom furniture in the guest room.

The Saugeen River in Walkerton on one of the "melting" days.

Lastly, the inevitable weather photos.
February 1, a bit of snow but not bad for the beginning of February.

February 5, the snow had melted a bit but then it snowed again.

February 9, less snow. A bit of rain and warmer temperatures melt the snow pretty quick.

February 10, the melt didn't last long.

February 13, the snow is starting to pile up again.

February 20, another warm spell, snows melting fast.

February 25, snows back.

February 27, starting to melt again.

February 29, winter is not over yet. This is the start of a major storm headed our way.