Ed and I have been busy since we arrived home from our California trip and updating the blog fell by the wayside. In an attempt to bring the blog up to date I'm going to write a couple of entries summarizing periods of time. This entry is for June and only includes days when Ed took photos. Hard to believe but there are days that Ed doesn't pick up the camera even when we have visitors or are off visiting.

The first order of business after we arrived home was to whip the gardens into shape and plant the vegetable garden. A few years ago I was given an iris root and was very excited to see these brown irises as it was the first year they have bloomed.


A couple of friends (Dave and Angela) celebrated their birthdays and we were invited to the party. Dave was happy when I said Ed and I would drive the Miata as he had been wanting to compare his 2010 (I think) and my 2000 Miata.

Dave and Angela and one of their granddaughters.

Rob and Ellen completed Explore the Bruce while we were gone so this year we are doing it on our own. As usual Ed also did some geocaching.

20160731-20160612_IMG_2653.JPG 20160731-20160612_IMG_2655.JPG
Ed found a cache that you had to fill with water to get the container out .... luckily we were by the river. I found some pretty flowers to take photos of.

20160731-20160612_IMG_2666.JPG 20160731-20160612_IMG_2667.JPG
We ended up in Point Clark just south of Kincardine. We were driving the Miata and fuel gauge as pointed at E. The gas station near Point Clark was closed so we drove to Kincardine only to find out that gas station was closed as well. Turns out they need electricity to run and for some unknown reason the entire town was without power. Ed used all of his economy driving skills and got us back to Walkerton where happily the gas station was open and we filled up. Now we know we can get over 600 km on a tank of gas.

Ed and I belong to the local Probus club and joined the biking group. Today was the first time we rode with the group and the ride was from Port Elgin to MacGregor Point Provincial Park. I think it was about a 20 km ride.

Another Explore the Bruce outing. This time we took our bicycles with us as some of the spots on Explore the Bruce required hiking or biking. Again we add searching for geocaches.
The lighthouse in Southampton.


Third day of Explore the Bruce. We climbed into the Miata and drove north to the Bruce Peninsula.

One stop required hiking on the Bruce Trail.

Another stop took us to Tobermory (good ice cream in Tobermory).


More flowers.

On the drive home we noticed dark storm clouds. As Ed didn't want to put the roof up we tried to drive around the storm. In the process we saw some beautiful rainbows and even a double rainbow at one point.

We don't usually take photos of electrical high tension towers but between the light on them and the dark sky we couldn't resist.

After enjoying kayaking in Prov last winter Ed and I decided we wanted to get a couple of kayaks as there are lots of places around here where you can kayak.

Well we bought the kayaks are have been kayaking in the Saugeen River. About five minutes from the house the river has been dammed creating a spot where you can easily kayak both up river and down. Great place to get use to kayaking.

A shot of the river.

It's off to the races.
A friend was racing so Ed, Victor, Anne and I went to watch.

The races were a little too exciting at times .... I don't like to see the crashes and there were several. There was also some controversy after a driver continued to drive after we thought he'd been tossed out with a black flag. Never did find out what really happened. It's always fun and noisy at the track.