Another rainy day in paradise. Today we are visiting the Maleku Araraf Ecological Center. The Maleku are one of the last indigenous tribes in Costa Rica. As a tribe they are working hard to maintain their culture.

Once we were on the bus, the rain stopped and we even saw the sun for a few minutes.

As we approach the Maleku village we see some homes with palm thatch houses. This one must be leaking as it has been covered with a tarp.

There was an unexpected stop on our drive into the village. New water pipes are being installed and the road was dug up when we arrived. After about 15 minutes, the road was filled in and we were able to continue on our way.

The "repaired" road. I thought it was a little scary but the bus driver managed with no problems.

We got off the bus and did a walk with a medicine man. He showed us plants that are used for medicinal proposes. This interesting fungus was at the side of the road. Of course, it started to rain again.

The medicine man Luis, in one of the tradition Maleku buildings. On the wall behind him are crafts that can be purchased.

Some young people did a tribal dance for us.

The photo doesn't show the steepness of the slope, but this is the dirt road (with concrete strips when the road is steep) that leads to our hotel.