Today we leave the cloud forest and Costa Rica and begin the trek home.

As we begin the drive out on the bus you can see that we are still in the clouds. It really was an interesting place ---- you can see the fog, feel the dampness (but not rain) and hear water dripping from the trees sounding like rain. I guess you stuck you tongue out you could taste it as well.

Once we are out of the cloud forest there is sun. This is one of the small towns we drove thru heading to San Jose and the airport.

The motley crew at the airport, including guide and driver.

It was a nice day for flying --- some cloud but mostly sun. The plane banked as we flew over the Florida Keys so Ed was able to get a good photo.

We had to switch planes in Miami so Ed snapped a few photos as we were landing. Luckily Ed had thought ahead and we had packed all of our souvenirs in the checked luggage that was checked thru to Toronto. This saved us a lot of hassle with US customs and immigration. After a 3 hour layover we were back in the air. I'm still amazed at how fast immigration and customs is in Toronto. I think it took less than 1/2 hour from the time we stepped off the plane to the time we walked out into the main concourse with our luggage.

Happy to be home but time to start thinking about the next trip.