After checking out the guide books and perusing the local maps we decided to spend the day at to Fort De Soto County Park.

First a couple of beach shots.


It is a beautiful white sand beach and judging by the size of the parking lots it's also a very popular beach. There are a least 6 more beaches north of this one that I would considered to be in St. Petersburg

There were a number of birds.

Brown and white Pelicans.

Lots and lots of Osprey.

Some eating fish.

Some coming in for a landing. This guy must have been working on his/hers nest as he/she kept bring sticks. Do the male birds help build the nest? I should look that up some time. I'm pretty sure that Osprey mate for life.

There was no fighting over the fish. The second bird flew in and watched as the first bird tore at the fish.

Snowy egrets were hanging out on the pier watching and waiting for the fishermen to toss them a treat.



Surprisingly, there was even an old fort.


An old friend of Carol's drove from the Orlando area to visit, so Ed and I decided to check out "downtown" St. Petersburg.

We arrived at quarter to 5 so we just had about an hour of light but it was good light for taking photos.

We're not fans of abstract art, so given the price of admission to the Dali Museum we're going to skip it but the building is worth a visit.