The Rev Institute,in Naples, founder Miles Collier was born into an American automotive dynasty. Both his father and uncle, Miles and Sam, respectively, are credited with introducing sports car racing to the United States during the 1930ís. Mr. Collier, also spent the better part of a decade racing in an E-Production Porsche Speedster as well as behind the wheel of other vintage automobiles.

In 1986, Mr. Collier acquired the Cunningham Museum collection of longtime family friend Briggs Swift Cunningham, which included the first Ferrari racing car ever sold in the United States and one of six Bugatti Royales ever produced. During the late 1980s and 1990s what is now known today as the Collier Collection began to take shape. In 2009 the Rev Institute was founded to serve as a center of scholarly study. For more information see the Revs Institute web stie.

The Rev Institute is not your run of the mill museum. It is only open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Docent led tours are availble with a maximum of ten people on a tour. Tours need to be booked ahead of time as they sell out quickly. You can also wander about on your own but even the number of people allowed in is limited and require tickets to be purchased in advance.

This is mostly Ed's blog as cars are more his thing than mine.


Mercedes-Benz 1929 Sport Model SSK

Mors 1902 Type Z

McLaren 1995 F1

Fiat Abarth 1970 TC-R 1000 Berlina Corsa

Ferrari 1948 166 Spyder Corsa

Alfa Romeo 1938 Tipo 8C 2900B Berlinetta, Touring

Delahaye 1937 Type 135 MS Special Roadster

Austin 1964 Mini Cooper S

Panhard & Levassor 1896 Wagonette

Rolls-Royce 1914 Silver Ghost Colonial, Kelliner

Porsche 1956 550A Spyder

Porsche 1969 908 LH

Carol and I were "car"ed out by time the tour ended. We opted to depart leaving John and Ed to revisit the institute for the duration of the afternoon. When we were back at the house I decided to enjoy the afternoon by going for a walk.

There are a number of canals giving many beautiful homes water access.

I found the beach.