Today is the day to explore the city of Naples. First stop is 5th Avenue --- a downtown shopping district.

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There were many beautiful shops and restaurants along 5th avenue. There were also many whimsical characters.

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The entrance to one alley was accented by this colourful vine. On a lawn, we saw this tree decorated with the roots of vines.

Leaving 5th Avenue we drove along 3rd Avenue, the historical district. There we saw more shops and restaurants along with fountains and statues. Next stop was the beach and Naples Pier.

It is a beautiful day today, sunny and warm. You can tell by the number of umbrellas and people on the beach.

The pier. You don't need a license to fish on this pier as the city has picked up the tab for fishing licenses.

A number of these little guys (I think Ruddy Turnstones) were hanging out on the pier.

Occasionally I need to be in a photo.

Ed caught this dolphin clearing his air hole.

I caught the dolphin at the end of a breach.

The small child really wanted to pet the pelican but the pelican wouldn't have it. He finally flew off.

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Different ways to look at palm trees.

Another to explore is Tin City. More shops and restaurants but this time they are on the river by some big marinas.

This fellow was hanging out at the dock.

We were told that if you want to see mansions you should drive through the Port Royal area. So, we drove through the Port Royal area and saw mansions of many shapes and sizes. Some of the homes were older and more modest while some of the new homes were huge and ostentatious and then there were lots that were in between. Definitely, worth the drive.