The first thing I heard when I awoke this morning was wind and rain hitting the house. Can't really complain as we've had some pretty amazing weather over the past two weeks.

It stopped raining so we decided to drive north (or is it east) towards Key Largo

Even the pelicans were hunkered down.

One of the many gnarly trees we saw today.

This monument was erected to remember the hundreds of American veterans and local civilians who lost their lives on September 2nd, 1935 when Islamorada was hit with a powerful hurricane.

20170130-20170129__7D_2813.JPG 20170130-20170129__7D_2822.JPG
The African Queen, made famous by the 1951 movie called African Queen staring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn, is in a harbour in the keys. Boat rides are available.

I liked the look of San Pedro, a Catholic Church.

As usual, geocaching took us to some interesting spots and we managed to find 17 of them today.