Our time in the keys is up and it's time to start moving north towards home. Luckily the first stop isn't far. We've rented a house in Little Havana, Miami for a week.

On the way out of the keys we stopped at the big lobster.

This was one big lobster. The lobster was a good way to get tourists to stop and visit the shops.

On Sunday Ed and I found the "African Queen" while we were goecaching. We stopped today so we could show the African Queen to John and Carol.

We timed our stop perfectly. The African Queen was about to go out. The steam engine was running.

The African Queen motoring it's way out of the habour.

Saw this little bird in a parking lot. I tried unsuccessfully to identify him using a Florida bird book. Margaret, thanks for looking the bird up for me. Turns out this is probably a Common Myna. From a website: "The Common Myna is native to southeastern Asia but has been introduced onto almost every tropical or subtropical oceanic island and Australia, where it is mostly found in open country and human environments. In Florida, populations remain small and widely scattered and tend to prefer shopping mall parking lots."