Henry Flagler was a founding partner in Standard Oil along with John D. Rockefeller and Samuel Andrews. In his fifties, Flagler's interests turned to the development of Florida. By 1912, Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway, and the luxury hotels he built along the way, linked the entire east coast of Florida from Jacksonville to Key West.

In 1902, Flagler built Whitehall. With more than 75 rooms, Whitehall was a winter retreat and wedding present for his wife, Mary Lily Kenan Flagler.

The outside of Whitehall.

The Grand Hall seen from the Drawing Room.

The Music Room. At the end of the music room is a 1,249 pipe JH &CS Odell Co. organ.

Every room has a unique ceiling, crown molding and door molding. The library had cherubs in the crown molding.

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The breakfast room was beside the much more formal dinning room.

My favorite room in the house was the drawing room which was the room Mrs. Flager used to entertain visiting women.

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Aluminum leaf highlights the plaster ornaments in the Drawing Room. When the house was built the process of extracting aluminum economically had not yet been perfected and as a result was more expensive and precious than gold. The piano was specially built for this room.

The second floor of Whitehall was designed as private living space for the Flaglers, their guests, and domestic staff. In addition to the Master Suite, there were originally fourteen guest chambers, thirteen servant's rooms, seventeen bathrooms, and Mrs. Flagers' sitting room.

This is the "Red Room". Each guest bedroom was done in a different colour or style.

Ed and I chose this bedroom as I one we would like to stay in.

The Flager's suite was opulent. It had a huge bathroom and dressing room. The bathroom even had a telephone in it.

Mr. Flagler also had a personal train car. The train car is in a specially designed building to protect it from the elements.

Whitehall backs onto the inland waterway. Two draw bridges can be seen from the yard. We watched this one raise to let a ship through.

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This Kapok tree is in the backyard of the Royal Poinciana Chapel. This chapel was built on land donated by Flagler.

Palm Beach is definitely the home of the rich. The homes were incredible, those you could peak at through or around the hedges. Even the seashore had hedges blocking the views (this may also help block water during a storm). One street was lined with trees and filled with expensive stores.

We finally managed to find a public beach.