Four beers today, two Guiness, Porthouse Pilsner and Porthouse Nitro Red.

I learned a few thing today. Don't make assumptions, I assumed that the exact fair was required but didn't think that notes (paper money) would not be accepted. Also know what bus stop you want to get off at before you get on the bus, don't assume it'll be obvious. The first error in judgement neccessitated a trip back to the hotel to get a 10 euro note changed into coins. The second error in judgement caused us to walk an extra kilometer or so. Luckily a gentleman noticed that we were not sure where we were and gave us directions. Turned out we were going in the correct direction, we were just looking in the wrong part of map to determine our location.

First destination was the Guinness Storehouse for a tour. Guess who chose this stop?

The tour goes through the entire process of making beer. When you get to the part about the spring water from the Wicklow Mountains there is a waterfall. It makes for interesting photos.

20170525-20170525)_7D_7358.JPG 20170525-20170525__7D_7429.JPG
One stop on the tour was the tasting room. Mini beer glasses are used dooring the tasting phase of beer making. Advertising for Guinness has changed over the years. A lot of the old and new advertising was on display. Ed noticed a lot of old Guiness ads on buildings through out Ireland.

The tour ended with a couple of glasses of Guinness (included in your tour cost) in the Gravity Bar overlooking the city. This has got to be one of the most popular tours in Dublin.

20170525-20170525__7D_7487.JPG 20170525-20170515__7D_7480.JPG
Dublin is full of old buildings, especially churches.

20170525-20170525__7D_7519.JPG 20170525-20170525__7D_7553.JPG

Dublin Castle.

20170525-20170525__7D_7622_3_4.jpg 20170525-20170525__7D_7634_5_6.jpg
The old city walls.

20170525-20170525__7D_7646_7_8.jpg 20170525-20170525__7D_7669_70_71.jpg
A couple more city shots.