We're flying home to today and as Ed is still sleeping I thought I'd write a little about the over all trip.

We stayed in 11 B&B's and 1 hotel and all of them were good. One B&B had the best towels, another the best home baked goodies, a third the best sausages another the best view and largest room. Only one was a little on the small size. The bathroom was a converted closet --- just the toilet and showerr fit. The sink was in the bedroom and that room was a little on the small size as well, but the room was clean and the bed comfortble. All the B&B's had sitting rooms you could use so a small room wasn't really a problem.

Food, oh we had some wonderful food on this trip. I've already mention sausages and baked goods, Then there was the bouble and squeek, it's really a British dish and just left over potatoe, turnip, and cabbage but oh so much better than regular hash browns. Then there was a savoury pancake --- a thin pancake (but not a crepe) filled with cheese, ham, cooked onions and peppers. I'm not an egg fan but scramble eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast is really good --- think there was as much smoked salmon as therre was egg. The dinners were really good as well --- we tried most off the standard Irish meals, Guiness Stew, Irish Stew, Bangers and Mash, Pot Pie, Fish and Chips, Fish Pie. We also branched out and had Lamb shanks, lasgnage, seafood pasta, Chicken Fajita salad ---- the list goes on. There was only one meal I didn't like, the chicken in a chicken stir fry was tough and I didn't care ffor the sauce but it was edible.

Once again it's been proven that it's a small world. When we werre in Doolin at a pub eating dinner we ended up at a table beside a woman, her mother and her son that are from BC, I think Kelowna. Then in Donegal Ed and I went into a hotel bar for dinner and sat down. After a few minutes I noticed the people at the table beside us ---- yup the three people from BC. We said hello and had a chuckle. Well, last night Ed and I are walking through the streets of Dublin heading back to the bus stop and who walks up to us and says hello. Yup the three people from BC. Then there was the Germain couple. They were at our B&B in Donegal. Who pulled into the driveway right behind us when we stopped at our B&B in Dunfanaghy. Yup the couple from Germany, we had reservations and they were winging it.

Bathrooms --- oh I could go on and on about the bathrooms but there is one that deserves to be mentioned. We stopped at a park so Ed could find a geocache. When he got back to the car he told me I had to go use the bathroom. He said whoever designed the bathroom had spent too much of their childhood watching The Jetsons (I hope you remember the cartoon show with George and his son Leroy). Anyway, the building was square and metal, you pushed and button the door opened, after several seconds the door closed behind you. The room felt like it was totally stainless steel --- to wash it you could bring a hose in a spray. Everything was attivated with push buttons, you wanted toilet paper you pushed a button, you wanted water to washer hands, push a button. There even was an SOS button. Oh and to get out you pushed a button.

Some other bathroom highlights, taps that reminded me of a Kligon battleship, a mirror with a touch sensitive button in it that turned on side lights that were also in the mirror (Ed wants one of these), a rectangular toilet seat, plumbing on the outside of the wall, shut off values turned the water on and off. I've seen shared bathrooms in small establishments but at the Cliffs of Moher they took it to the next level. The washroom was a true unisex washroom --- every body went into the same bathroom and took the next available stall. just waiting in the same room.

There is a lot more interesting things we ran into on our trip but this is all I have time for right now and if you haven't quick reading already you're happy that I'm done.