Ed, Rob, Ellen and I hit the river in our kayaks today. Yesterday was an absolutely horrible day weather wise and today is the total opposite --- sunny, just a slight breeze and just the right temperature to be on the water.

We put the kayaks in the water at Walkerton and took them out at the next access point 14.5 km away (by water), a lot less by road.

Ed was playing is his GoPro taking video so I grab some stills from the video.

20170612-20170607_kayaking 2.JPG
and we're off

20170612-20170607_kayaking 3.JPG
Lunch break. Ed picked the spot because there is a geocache here but it was too wet to climb the cliff to look for it. We did get to watch the swallow flying to and from their nests in the cliff.

Rapids!!!! Think they are a .1 or maybe a .001. Even small as they are they added a little fun to the trip.

20170612-20170607_kayking 5.JPG
I love this spot on the river --- there's just something about the tree at the bend in the river.

20170612-20160607_kayaking 6.JPG
Not the most user friendly access point.

I suggested that we go to the next access point but luckily I was overruled. Ed and I forgot to put sun screen and by time we got home our legs were bright red.