Ed's been talking about selling the trailer since last fall as he really doesn't enjoy pulling with the truck especially through Toronto. On Friday Ed stopped by the local RV dealer to see he would be interested in purchasing our trailer (it's where we bought it). The dealer said he was and gave Ed a price. Ed thought the price was fare and agreed to the deal. I spent Saturday morning emptying the inside of the trailer --- it's incredible where you could squirrel away stuff. Sunday, Ed and I merged what we could into the house. About a half dozen cupboards were totally rearranged so the trailer stuff would fit. Not sure what Ed did with the stuff that went into the garage ---- it's kind of a black hole out there so the extra stuff probably just merged in. There's a small pile for the garage and another pile that's to be put for sale on kijii or varage sale. This morning I went off to aqua fit and coffee and when I came home there was space where the trailer had been. I guess the RV dealer was anxious to get our trailer --- knowing Eric he may know someone who's looking for a small trailer.

Good-bye little trailer. I have to admit that I'm a little teary eyed to see the trailer go as I really enjoyed traveling in it. We made a lot of good memories in the years that we traveled in the trailer. I guess it time to make memories on trips that require flying on an airplane or even just road trips with the car. Who knows maybe will get back into tent camping.

My favourite garden.




I also really like my hosta / coral bell garden. A few other plants have managed to find their way in add some flowering colour. Coral bells come in all different leaf colours -- green, red, rust, yellow, redish blackish purplish and many more.


The vegetable garden has been shrunk. It's down to rhubarb, garlic, beans (any one who knows Ed knows why I plant lots of beans), lettuce, kale (not up yet) and spinach. The lettuce is almost ready to pick.