The airport was a busy place this morning as the show organizers and volunteers were running around getting everything ready for tomorrow's show. The level of excitement increased when the first snowbird arrived. The first plane arrived about 2 hours before the rest of planes so he could make sure that everything was ready. One of the things that needed doing was walking the area where the snowbirds would park to ensure that there were no stones.

The main group of snowbirds arrive. They flew over Walkerton and Hanover to let the towns know they had arrived.


Then they did a few of their maneuvers over the airport,


and tested the smoke.

Gord Price and his Yak-50 also arrived. Gord felt something wasn't right with his plane when he arrived. In minutes several of the local plane mechanics surrounded his plane and fixed the issue. Everyone at the airport got a short show as Gord took his plane for a test flight.

20170629-20170620__72_1928.JPG 20170629-20170620__72_1939.JPG
What goes up must come down.

A quick meeting was held when the planes were gathered for refueling. Each plane arrived with a pilot (in red) and a technician (in blue) --- even their helmets are in red and blue. Depending on the planes position in the flying formation determines if the pilot sits in the right seat or the left seat.

A Meet and Great was held at the local Best Western. As Ed was on the Show Organization committee we were given tickets.

At one point the pilots and technicians were introduced. The woman in the red flight suit was not a pilot but was the POA (public affairs officer). Next year a woman pilot and her husband and scheduled to join the snowbird team.

20170629-20170620__DX_1042.JPG 20170629-20170620__DX_1039.JPG
Look, Ellen and I are almost as tall as a snowbird pilot ---- oh, maybe he's the shortest snowbird pilot. The pilots were very friendly and were happy to answer any questions we had.