It rained Thursday morning, it rained during Thursday night and it is raining this morning. It's wet outside but I didn't see any flooding when I left town. The story was a little different as I drove south. There were lots of swollen creeks and streams. When I got to Harriston some of the roads were blocked. Turned out Harriston received a lot more rain than we did causing the river to overflow it's banks, flooding streets and homes. Areas south and east of Harriston also had flooding issues. In fact two towns declared emergencies and closed several main roads. Luckily it stopped raining and the water dropped so the roads were open when I drove home. On Saturday the Saugeen River crested flooding downtown Walkerton. The high water continued for the next few days as it flowed to Southampton before emptying into Lake Huron. All this rain has put a hold on our kayaking. Between fast high water and debris in the water the Saugeen Conservation Authority has declared the river unsafe until further notice.