Amy's (the golden retriever) dad Bob is the drummer in a local band. The band played in Walkerton around noon hour. I thought that since they were going to be in town today they might as well come and visit. Unfortunately (or maybe not), Amy and the drums won't fit in the car together, so I drove to Durham and picked Amy and Sue up. After a nice walk we came back to Walkerton and watched Bob drumming away.

Amy is ready to celebrate.

Mother Nature wasn't kind to the band. Part way through their set the sky opened up and the rain came down chasing a lot of people away. Fortunately, the rain didn't last long.

After taking Amy for another walk --- she likes to walk --- and the traditional Canada Day hamburger for dinner we drove to Cargill to watch the fireworks. Not only is it Canada's 150th birthday this year it is also Bruce County's 150th birthday. In case you didn't know, Ed and I live in Bruce County. Cargill is a village about a 10 minute drive from Walkerton, not sure why it was chosen for the Bruce County Canada Day celebration but it was.

We arrived earlier than we probably needed to, a little over 2 hours before the fireworks, but we got a great parking spot and a good vantage point for the fireworks.

In Cargill the fireworks are shot off on the other side of the pond.

Ed used his GoPro to shoot the fireworks show. So I grabbed a few screen shots.

20170705-20170701 fireworks 1.JPG

20170705-20170701 fireworks 2.JPG

20170705-20170701 fireworks 4.JPG

20170705-20170701 fireworks3.JPG

20170705-20170701 fireworks1.JPG
The show was amazing. At one point it looked like the sky was filled with a million golden dragonflys and another time it appeared as is the sky was full of colour confetti.

We drove back to Walkerton where Bob and Sue picked up Bob's drums and drove home leaving Amy for a sleep over. The sleep over went well, so we think Amy will enjoy a two week visit when her parents go on vacation.