Ed and I are helping to plan a car rally for the Probus group we belong to. As it is Bruce County's 150th birthday we thought we would look for historical places not too far from Walkerton (it's in Bruce County). Over the period of four days Ed and I loaded Amy into the RAV and drove a lot of back roads. The end result is Amy can now jump into the RAV without any problem ---- the first few trips in the RAV saw Ed lifting or boosting her in. We also found some historical places.

I took Amy for a walk one morning in the rain. Turns out she loooooovvvvveeeessss to be towel dried. You can keep the hairdryer.

We found the row of vultures on the fence posts to be interesting. Don't think we can expect them to be sitting there on the day of the car rally.

At another spot a neighbourhood dog came to check Amy out.

20170801-20170725_141757.jpg 20170801-20170726_115824.jpg
The facade of a Catholic Church. The graveyard remains but the building is gone. The tower was used to hang fire hoses so they could dry.

The Amy admiration society. She loves getting attention.

A pioneer graveyard. Not sure why but all of the stones were moved close together. Some of the headstones are obviously new.

Several years ago we found a geocache at an old graveyard. There was an old church by the graveyard that was no longer in use. We had trouble finding the church on our drive but eventually found the graveyard. It's easy to see why we couldn't find the church. Not sure what this new building is.