Trying to pack in the last bits of summer, Rob and Ellen climb into the TR6 and Ed and I climb into the miata and head for the town of Blyth home of the Cowbell Brewing Co. Cowbell Brewing Co. is a craft brewery that started selling beer in May 2016.

The brewery building was completed in August 2017 (the beer has been brewed offsite awaiting the completion of the building). The building includes a state of the art brewing facility, a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, a retail store and entertainments spaces.

20171002-20170912__7D_9712_3_4.jpg 20171002-20170912__7D_9729.JPG
Viewing areas allow visitors to see the beer being brewed and beer being canned.

Looking down on the restaurant.

20171002-20170912 three pizzas take 2.jpg
The lunch special today was pizza and a pint. Ed and Rob both ordered the meatlovers pizza, Ellen and I shared a prosciutto & arugula and a mushroom 'n cheese. The mushroom 'n cheese pizza was the most unique .... bear cheese sauce, local mushrooms, mozzarella, matchstick potatoes and rosemary sea salt.

A group of people moving tractors to the Internation Plowing Match (IPM) stopped for lunch.

20171002-20170912__7D_9761.JPG 20171002-20170912_160904.jpg
Tractors driving to the plowing match.