Today we are going to arrive in Southampton by kayak --- yup we are finally doing the last section of the Saugeen River.

We saw a number of birds along the river today including several large flocks of geese beginning their journey south.

Rob joined us today.

Rough water. When the river starts getting choppy you start looking for big rocks.

Just outside of Southampton is Denny's dam where we got to drag the kayaks up a steep hill and down the other side. Along the way we passed this backhoe. Not sure what they were doing but it looked like they were taking soil samples.

Made it to Lake Huron.

A view of the lighthouse from the lake --- first time we've seen this view of the lighthouse.

In the summer Ed took photos for our neighbour Barb who owns the Mid West Pagent. The girl who won the pagent chose the VON as her charity. One of her fund raisers is a calendar and Barb asked Ed to take the photos for the calendar. We attended the VON volunteer dinner so Ed could take a photo for the calendar.

The girls were having a little fun.

Meghan and Allison.