Did you get a summer cold this year? I brought one but lucky for me it only lasted a couple of days. Unfortunately, Ed decided to share the germs and he's having trouble shaking it. Luckily he's feeling a bit better today as we're going out for lunch to celebrate my mother's 94th birthday

This year we chose the Aberfolye Mill in Aberfoyle. The restaurant has been serving great food since 1966. I think you've figured out given it's name the restaurant is in an old mill.

The restaurant is decorated with artifacts from the old mill. The atmosphere was comfortable and the food amazing. My mother has already chosen this restaurant for next year's birthday lunch.

After lunch we went for a walk. Yvonne noticed 2 horses across a field and decided to try entincing them to come for a visit.

Surprisingly, waving a couple of pieces of grass around convinced one of the horses to come to the fence.

My mother, brother and I talking to the horse.

Yvonne found a bit more grass.