Another sunny day and this time comfortable temperatures. First stop is Fort Hill and Captain Penniman House.

A Whale Bone Welcome. Captain Penniman placed the jaw bones of a whale whale bones like a gate when he built his house in 1868. Today's bone are the third set in this location.

Not far from Captain Penniman's house is a large marsh.

More marsh near this boat ramp.

20171018-20171018__5D_0249.JPG 20171018-20171018__7D_0093.JPG
Did you expect photos of windmills on Cape Cod? This is the Eastham Windmill that was built in Plymouth in 1680. It was moved in 1770, then 1793 and again in 1808 ending up in it's current location. What was once a farm is now a park.

It always amazes me how these chubby little birds can stand on one very skinny leg.

20171018-20171018__7D_0135.JPG 20171018-20171018__7D_0139.JPG
Ed and I were the first to leave human footprints on this stretch of beach. We did see these interesting impressions in the sand.

The Atlantic was very calm today, just a bit of a wave before the water hit the beach.

Running on water? Nope Ed caught him as he slipped off the board before he disappear under the wave. This fellow had been paddling away on his paddle board, occasionally paddling on a wave.

Houses perched on a hill at Corn Beach. The story goes (or at least how I remember the story the National Park Volunteer told me): when the pilgrims landed they found a stash of corn on this beach and proceeded to take it and use it. The natives watched and about 30 miles down the road (at what is now known as First Encouter Beach) the natives attacked.