Last evening we had trouble starting the car and this morning Ed's worst fears were proven correct. The car's battery had a dead cell. Good thing Ed (Mr. Contigency Plan) had an emergency booster pack with us. He started the car and we drove to the closest Toyota dealer, where Ed bought a new battery and swapped it with the old one.

Sandwich is a cute little town at the beginning of Cape Cod.

Ed loved the signs. What do you think you'd find in Sandwich Ctr, roast beef, tuna or ham and cheese? Do they only sell Ice Cream Sandwiches at the ice cream shop?

The Cape Cod Canal borders Sandwich. While we were walking along the canal we saw a tug boat hooking up to a barge and start pulling it.

Little tug, big barge.

Sandwich also borders on the Atlantic Ocean. It's hard to say how big the beach is as the tide was coming in.

One of Massachusetts fish hatcheries is in Sandwich. These big boys are brown trout.

About 20 miles north east of Sandwich is Plymouth, the spot where the Pilgrams landed and settled.
Plymouth Rock lost much of it's size as tourists would bring hammers and chisels and help themselves to a piece of the rock. If the rock was it's original size it would have filled this structure.

Jabez Howland House, 1667. It's the only house left in Plymouth where the Pilgrims actually lived.

The post office.

20171021-20171020__7D_0367.JPG 20171021-20171020__7D_0361_2_3.jpg
Church of the Pilgrimage. The stone church is the first church in Plymouth.

Pilgrim Hall.

20171021-20171020__5D_0422_3_4.jpg 20171021-20171020__72_3692.JPG
Down at the docks a boat was unloading his lobster catch.

Not sure what type of bird this is but he's cute.

Walkerton has fishes around town, Plymouth has lobsters, all nicely decorated.

After visiting Plymouth we continued our drive around Boston as our destination for today is Freeport Maine. Unfortunately our timing wasn't very good.

It was rush hour in the Boston. Part of the drive was OK as we first headed toward the city but once we passed the half way point we joined the traffic heading away from the city. Ed took this photo not to show the traffic but to show we were in Burlington.