I'm not really much of a shopper and Ed really only enjoys shopping at camera, hardware or electronic stores none of which are in town. So why I am excited about shopping? We are in Freeport Maine home of L.L. Bean one of the big out door stores and I need new hiking boots. Over the years a lot of other stores moved to town, so there's also lots of outlet stores here as well.

20171021-20171020__7D_0417.JPG 20171021-20171020__7D_0418.JPG
Some cute carvings.

And some other interesting carvings.

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere. L.L. Bean was hosting a Pumkin Festival to raise funds for the Sunshine Camp, a camp for serious ill children and their families.

20171021-20171021__7D_0425.JPG 20171021-20171021__7D_0439.JPG
Interesting door handles.

Trying on boots --- yup I had two different boots on. I ended up buying the "plum" coloured ones even though I'm not sure about the colour but they were the more comfortable pair. The best part was the 25% discount when I got to the cash register.