We drove what is called the coastal highway from Freeport to Bar Harbor. I'd say about a 1/4 of the road was along the coast but it was a beautiful, relaxing drive that gave Ed the opportunity to geocache. The fall colours are past their prime but as fall was late this year we're seeing more than I expected.

We met this fellow along the way. A cache was in it's mouth.

A picnic area was along this lake ---- not sure why they called it a lake as the sign taked about the height of the water being dependant on the tides.

Another park. This one was filled with old bouys and markers.

Given the number of anchoring points in the bays, either a lot of boats have been pulled out of the water or this area gets a lot of visiting boats in summer.

Another beautiful view. The sumac has turned a bright red.

The Penobscot Narrows Bridge is a 2,120 foot long cable-stayed bridge.

20171023-20171022__7D_0520.JPG 20171023-20171022__7D_0537.JPG

Ed had a good day geocaching. We found 30 geocaches along the highway and this one was the most fun. The cache is called whirlybird and is a fake birdhouse. Took us a couple of minitues to figure out how to get the cache open.

Last night we looked on line for accomodations in Bar Harbor. The inexpensive accomodation was either booked, closed for the season or about to close for the season. We selected a hotel that looked like it had a discount from the one of the on-line booking sites and called it. In P-town we found out that the hotels may offer a better off season price than the on-line prices. Turned out we were correct, the hotel's price was less than the on-line price so we booked 3 nights. When we arrived in Bar Harbor and checked-in we were pleasantly surprised. Our 3rd floor room was huge (at least compared to what we usually get) and had a view of the water. The hotel has an outdoor and indoor pool and hot tub. I smiled when I got into the indoor pool --- had to be 86 to 88 F and the hot tub had to be 104 or 105 F. I think we got a really good deal .... now if only the exchange rate was better.

The view from our room.