One of us was up in time to catch the end of sunrise and their initials aren't EA.

Acadia NP is a hikers paradise as it it covered in carriage paths and hiking trails. Carriage Paths were created in the early 1900s in a hope to keep the automobile out of the park. The carriage roads can be used by horse drawn carriages, bicycles and pedistrians. Today we opted to hike several short hiking trails.

The first trails we hiked were South Bubble, North Bubble, Bubble Divide (we have a theme going here) and part of Jordan Pond trail. It's kinda grey and foggy so the photos are as spectacular as they could be.

From the top of North Bubble looking down at Jordan Pond.

I couldn't get Bubble Rock at South Bubble to budge.

Part way down this hill, Ed and I wondered what we were doing. Not really a hard trail except it was hard to find the trail with all the leaves. Then a 20 something basically ran down the hill ---- guess our age is showing.

I bought Autumn boots! Does this mean I need to buy boots for every season? BTW the boots are fantastic, they fit perfectly --- my feet don't slide going downhill and no sore spots. I'm sure I'll get use to the colour but brown would have been nice.

At Jordon Pond looking across the lakes at the North and South Bubble.

A Ranger told us that Emmery Path in the area of the national park known as Sieur de Monts (where Acadia NP began), has the original stone steps. We decide to hike a bit of history.
20171025-20171024__7D_0863.JPG 20171025-20171024__7D_0883.JPG
At the bottom of the path there were several vivid red trees. Part of the trail.

20171025-20171024__7D_0873.JPG 20171025-20171024__7D_0874.JPG
Another look at the stone path. This time a woman (not a 20 something) ran down the stairs as we walked up. I guess is not the age that showing but we're just out of shape. We'll have to work on that.

A resting spot part way up where I enjoyed the view. \

The view. Again it would have been spectacular if it had been sunny. Cruise ship du jour can be seen in the harbour. I checked the Cruise Ship schedule, ships begin arriving in April and the last one stops on November 1st this year with as many as three cruise ships in the harbour at the same time in September and October.

The harbour in Bar Harbor. It's a really cute town. Ed and I think that there's still a fair number of people around but I guess we are really at the end of the season as a lot of hotels/motels, restaurants, gift shops and tour companies are closed or in the process of closing.

20171025-20171024_173833.jpg 20171025-20171024_175106.jpg
Lucky for us Geddy's was still oopen. Ed said he had to have his Maine lobster tonight as we are leaving tomorrow. I had thought about lobster but couldn't resist my favourite, fresh scallops. I didn't feel like wine or beer tonight so I decided to have a Bloody Mary. This one came complete with iguana sunning on a wedge of lime.