This morning we woke up to the sound of wind and rain and the forecast says it's here for 2 days. Can't complain because we've had some pretty good weather. Today our destination is Gorham New Hampshire about 15 km from the Maine New Hampshire border.

We took the long way off of Mt. Desert Island which just renforced our desire to come back and spend a week here --- so much left unexplored, so many hikes left unhiked --- so many photos that need to be taken.

I think this is the harbour at Northeast Harbor --- if only I had some sun or at least good visibility.

A "raft" in the harbour.

We stopped in Somesville to get a geocache and in the description of the cache it talked about the most photographed bridge in Maine being in Somesville. Googling "most photographed bridge in Maine" brought up lots of images of different bridges but this bridge was in the first eight images plus scattered through the remaining images.

For the most part we drove lessor highways through some very picturesque areas but didn't stop to take photos as it was either raining or just to hazy to capture much more than a blur. Maine is definitely a place we would return to. The bad weather didn't stop Ed from geocaching, he managed to get 25 caches today.