Today we have to drive 355 km --- on the 401 that would be about 3 1/2 hours. The estimated time for this drive is 4 1/2 hours (GPS), 5 1/2 hours (itenerary) or 7 hours (Queenstowns pamphlet mileage chart). Reality was almost 10 hours but we did run into some construction (road repairs due to a bad storm) and we made a number of stops.

It was clear when we drove through the Fox Glacier area so we stopped to grab a photo of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman. (I think Mount Cook is on the right so Mount Tasman will be on the left).

We stopped to watch the waves at Bruce Bay.

At Lake Moeraki is a 1 hour return trip walk through a Coastal Rain Forest to Monroe Beach and a Peguin colony.

Unfortunately, no penguins just rocks.

A ways down the highway was a view point with more rocks.

The road turned inland and we followed a river, which in spots widened to lakes.

Some interesting rocks. Once upon a time there was a structure here, now there is a piece of concrete and loose soil (bottom right of screen).

A walk through a beech forest, over a swing bridge crossing the Makarora River brings you to the Blue Pools. The pools are pure glacial water gathered from the mountains. The water is cold, colder than Lake Huron in the spring.

A view from a swing bridge looking at the crystal clear water.

Lake Wanaka is a good size lake. The wind was picking up causing waves and mist to rise from the water.

We drove the short cut from Wanaka to Queenstown, which goes through the mountains. We could see Queenstown from the viewing area though you can't make it out in the photo.

Queenstown at night. The downtown area isn't that large but it is hopping at night. Lot's of 20 somethings in town.