Our itinerary indicated that the drive from Te Anau to Dunedin (west coast to east coast) would take about 4 hours. We opted for the scenic road that more or less followed the coast (about 6 hours). Ten hours later we arrived at our motel. Now we did stop a few times but not as much as we would have liked. In reprospect we should have planned a 2 night stay in the Catlins area.

Lots of rain today. First stop was this wood suspension bridge in Clifden.


Built in 1899, it spans the Waiau River and is 111.5 m long. The bridge suffered damage in a 2009 earthquake. It was repaired and reopened to pedestrians in 2013.

One of several beaches we stopped at today.

Good timing. Monkey Island is only accessible during a low tide.

Interesting motor home. Not sure if the top slies down or if it's driven as is.

A view taken from the car window as we drove. The scenery was very nice for most of the drive so we felt it was worth the extra time.

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McLean Falls.

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The hike into the falls is through a coastal rainforest. Most of the trees had moss or other plants growing on them, except for this one type of tree that looks like it sheds it's bark.


A scenic view stop --- one direction was sheep and a lone cow, the other was a view of a beach.