Bruce Peninsula National Park is found on the Bruce Peninsula (pretty obvious) about 10 kilometers south of Tobermory. The Grotto, a unique natural wonder, is a shoreline cave with beautiful blue waters. In the winter it is a cave with interesting ice features.

The Grotto is about 3 kilometre walk from the winter parking lot. We missed a turn and ended up at the trail head which then led us around a small lake to Georgian Bay. From there it was an interesting scramble following the Bruce Trail eventually making it to the Grotto. The detour added about a 1/2 km to the hike and was well worth it.

The Georgian Bay shoreline.

Standing under the natural arch.

The Grotto. You can see people standing on the ice at the entrance to the cave.

Looking out from the cave.

Cyprus Lake

Taking a break on one of the Nation Park trademark chairs enjoying the view of Cypress Lake.

Little Tub Harbour lighthouse.

The harbour at Tobermory. A couple of tour boats were still in the water with bubblers running. The rest of the boats were on shore.