I don't care if it's dry heat or humid heat 98F is hot, especially when you are in the sun. Ed and I were wimpy today and decided that it was going to be too hot to hike, so decided to tour around the area.

First thing we noticed were the street names. Some streets had actual names but a lot were numbered or lettered but....

this is different, at least for us.

Ed turned the incorrect direction and pulled into a parking lot to turn around.

We were surprised to see a number of restored older vehicles. Ed thinks it might be an early 50s Studebaker, but he's not sure. His first thought had been a Henry J. Hmmm, in my opinion it's just a cute car.

The Palisades just east of Grand Junction is known for it's fruit trees and wineries. I don't know about you but when I think of Colorado I don't think about fruit or wine. Even though it can be very hot or very cold here, the fruit trees and grapes grow well in the Palisades. We were told it was because of "the wind" that blows through the valley. Apparently it keeps it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The Colorado River also helps as all of the fields are irrigated. We picked up some cherries at a fruit stand and they were really good.

We stopped by a few wineries to check out the wines and were pleasantly surprised. Of all the wines we tried there was only one that I really didn't like.

A view of the Colorado as we entered the town of Palisade.

7D_0976_7_8.jpg 7D_0982_3_4.jpg
There were a number of interesting sculptures around town. The one of the left is titled "Rusty's Dream" and the one on the right is titled "Which came first... the dinosaur or the egg?

A geocache was in a rose garden. Unfortunately, we missed the peak blooming time. The garden would have been amazing a week or so ago.

Another view of the Colorado River.

Cottonwood trees are plentiful in Colorado. Today we really appreciated the shade.

The downside of the cottonwood tree is the white snow like fluff they produce in June. There was white fluffy stuff flying every where.

We got a good photo of the grape vines at the last winery we visited.