Today we are starting the trek home though we are doing it slowly. We left Grand Junction and drove the Grand Mesa Scenic Route and ended up in Montrose.

According to the "visit grand junction" website, "The Grand Mesa in Colorado is known as the largest flattop mountain in the world, encompassing hundreds of square miles and standing more than 10,000 feet above sea level. The Mesa Scenic Byway winds through 63 miles of the national forest, providing beautiful views of the park’s lakes, wildlife and geological features." I have to agree that it was a beautiful drive and best of all it was cooler on the Mesa than it was in Grand Junction and in Montrose. When we arrived in Montrose about 5 pm it was 37C or 98.6F.

Not sure what this building had been but it hadn't been for awhile.

One section of road had lots of interesting rocks.


7D_1140.JPG 7D_1148.JPG
An interesting looking rock and the top of a gate post.


As we climbed higher on the Grand Mesa we had some spectacular views. There is one down hill skiing resort, lots of cross country skiing and snowshoeing as well as snowmobiling up here in the winter.

7D_1187.JPG D_1189.JPG
Some of the wild flowers we saw.

There were a lot of small lakes,



and beautiful views.

The token wildlife, a mule deer.

This was taken just after we descended from the Grand Mesa. The flat green land that abruptly turns into grey hills.