Today we drive north to Grand Lake which is on the south western edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. This part of Colorado received some much needed rain today, a nice steady rain that could soak into the parched earth. So be warned there's lots of clouds in today's photos.

Monarch Pass doesn't look so scary when it's hiding behind the clouds.

Chalk Cliffs, the bright white rock formations at the base of Mt. Princeton are not chalk but quartz that has been altered by the presence of hot water springs.

First white thistles Ed and I have ever seen.

One of many reservoirs we passed today. For much of the drive we followed the Colorado River.

To me, the soft light makes this photograph look like a watercolour painting.

Another roadside view.
If you look closely you can see the streaks of rain.

We are staying in a cute little lodge in a cute little town called Grand Lake. Lots of interesting shops and restaurants here.

The town of course is on the shores of Grand Lake.

A number of stores have hung hummingbird feeders up.


A lot of broad tailed hummingbirds with zooming by and stopping for a drink. These hummingbirds make a loud sound when they fly.