The weather is not co-operating as well today as it did yesterday. Overcast with low clouds, at least it's not raining.

Today we are going to one of the most popular parts of Rocky Mountain NP Bear Lake. We left early in hopes of getting a parking spot but no luck. Just before the Park and Ride the sign was indicating that the Bear Lake Parking lot was full. We find a parking spot at the park and ride and join the queue for the shuttle bus. On the bus we are told that sign was malfunctioning so don't be surprised to see parking at Bear Lake. In retrospect, given the number of cars in the Park and Ride the Bear Lake parking lot would have been full if the sign had worked correctly. It was not a pleasant ride as the bus was packed ---- we didn't have to worry about falling. The ride back was just as bad.

Bear Lake

After hiking around Bear Lake we decided to try one off the other trails in the area (there's lots to choose from). This popular trail took us to Nympth Lake, Dream Lake and Emerald Lake.

Nympth Lake.

A view along the trail to Dream Lake.

7D_2632.JPG null
Today's wildflower selection.

Dream Lake

We had to walk across a patch of snow to get to Emerald Lake.

This photo of Emerald Lake really picked up the reflection of the mountain and trees in the water. You have to look closely to find the edge of the water. This was a beautiful spot to sit and contemplate Life, the Universe and Everything.

As we were leaving Emerald Lake we spotted these two fawns.

2_8426.JPG 72_8367.JPG
Another look at one of the fawns and of course we saw a few ground squirrels today.

Couldn't resist this shot of the mountains when we had a moment of sun and bit of blue sky.

We did a second hike that took us to Alberta Falls. Unfortunately, the falls, trees and rocks were positioned in such a manner that it was impossible to get a good look at the falls.

When we left the Bear Lake area we drove to section of the park we missed yesterday. One of the beautiful views along side of the road.

There's a lot of rocks near the west Alluvia Fan parking lot.