Yesterday we drove the 2 hours to Burlington. We did it so we could have a visit with my mother and brother and to save ourselves 2 hours of driving today.

We crossed at the Lewiston-Queenston border crossing and noticed that every car had it's trunk or hatch opened and checked. This is the first time I've noticed this but then we haven't used this border crossing in years so maybe it's standard practice for here. After a couple of quick questions and the back of the car being checked we were on our way.

I can happily report that we had an uneventful drive and enjoyed some beautiful scenery.

The Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau is worth a stop ---- beautiful building in a beautiful setting.

Looking towards the dam.

Looking towards the river.

We arrived at Jim and Ester's house at 4pm just as John, Carol and Catie arrived. Time to catch up with everyone.