Another hot day in Ephrata Pennsylvania. I didn't look at the temperature today but I would guess it was at least as hot as yesterday or hotter ---- I think I was afraid to look.

We drove to the town of Intercourse, about 10 miles from Ephrata, which is considered to be the heart of Amish country, at least that's what the literature says.

We wandered around a few of the shops thankful for air conditioning.

This was my favourite shop. I love looking at handmade quilts. A large sign in the store indicated that photography was not allowed, so no photos of the amazing quilts. The quilts are machine pieced and hand quilted by ladies in the local area. The price range for a queen size quilt was $900 US to $1200 US.

Lots of buggies on the road.

We left Intercourse and drove another 10 miles and ended up at
This is a humongous restaurant. The lower level is a 40,000 square foot gift shop filled with every gift item you can imagine including quilts. This has to be one of the best buffet style restaurants I have every been to. Delicious soups, fresh salads, tasty and unique main course items (many Amish dishes) and interesting desserts. There was also the largest variety of beverages that I have ever seen in a restaurant. This is definitely a restaurant that deserves a return visit.

Jim and Esther didn't know why but some of the Amish farmers use steel wheels on their tractors.

A couple of farm scenes from this beautiful area.