I know Ed doesn't enjoy driving around large cities so I offered to drive today. In retrospect this might not have been a good idea. As Ed was a passenger he was able to take photos out of the car window. This was great until the camera reported an Error 30. Ed turned off the camera, removed the battery, replaced the battery and turned the camera back on as he was instructed by the camera. Take another photo and Error 30 back. Guess who wasn't a happy camper. He cleaned the battery contacts, tried a different battery, a different lens, a different memory card and still the error kept reoccurring. He pushed a button and cleaned the sensors. The car was now a happy place as the camera started working properly.

John and Ed decided to take the bus into NYC this afternoon to go to B&H Camera. Carol and I decided that we really didn't want to go to a camera store so we stayed at the hotel. I went for a walk along the river and through a very nice sub-division of town houses. I has happy to take it easy after the Ed induced stressful drive.

The view from our room balcony.

A couple of shots taken in NYC.