Tomorrow (cross your fingers - there's a storm warning posted) we fly to Santiago Chile. After 3 nights in Santiago, a food walking tour and hopefully a hike in the mountains we get on a cruise ship for 2 weeks ---- yup a cruise ship. I know I always say we're not "cruisers" or at least won't be till we're old. Turns out, some times cruises are the easiest way to get to some places like the southern tip of South America. There's some interesting places to stop, beautiful places to see and some penguins to visit. After 2 weeks and 4 countries (we start in Chile, end up in Argentina, have a stop in the Falkland Islands and Uruguay we disembark in Buenos Aires. We've booked a private 7 hour walking tour while we're there. Our guide was born in Canada, lived all over Europe and now resides in Buenos Aires --- should be interesting. We're so close to one of the "big" waterfalls in the world, Iguassu Falls, that we've add it to the itinerary --- it's about an hour and a half flight. We're staying in at a B&B called the Secret Garden. Then it's back to Buenos Aires and home.

We're starting our adventure this afternoon. There's freezing rain in the forecast so we booked a hotel near the airport for tonight. Our flight isn't till 8pm so we can have a nice relaxing morning at the hotel. We decided to do this so my brother can drive us this evening before the bad weather comes. We leave our car in my mother's driveway and my mom gets 2 visits from us so it's a win-win.