The cruise ship pulled in the Montevideo Harbour this sunny, warm morning.

Old boats are piling up in the harbour due to a problem with the contract between the city and the company disposing of the boats according to a tour guide.

We started the day with a bus tour around Montevideo ---- a couple of the highlights were Ed finding a geocache and seeing parakeets. We left the tour at the main square (the last stop before returning to the ship) and enjoyed a walk in the “old town” on the way back to the pier. Oh, it was sunny and warm (28C) all day.

Palacio Legislativo, a government building. I miss not having unlimited internet so I can google while I write the blog.

One of hundreds of statues in Montevideo.

One of the parakeets we saw in a park. The bus drove us through several of the many parks in Montevideo.

These buildings fill one corner of the main square. The tall building is offices and apartments. The tall building butts at a 90 degree angle to another building which is attached to 3 more buildings.

This building is the president’s office.

7D_9072.JPG 7D_9113_4_5.jpg
We think the men in the colourful uniforms have something to do with the president’s office and we think this is one of the gates to the old city. Really missing google.

One of the pedestrian streets.

7D_9163.JPG 7D_9162.JPG
The old cathedral, out and in. The cathedral wasn't all that special on the outside but the interior of the building was amazing.

Some of the thousands of shipping containers in the dockyards.

The Montevideo skyline as the ship is leaving the harbour.