Should be a fairly easy day --- up at 6am, have breakfast at 6:30am, leave for the airport at 7am, get on the airplane and depart at 9:40am, arrive in Toronto at 6:45pm, get picked up by 7:45pm, go to my mother's house and switch vehicles and arrive home by 11pm.

Ed checked his e-mail when he got up this morning and there was a message from Air Canada --- our flight was delayed by an hour and a half as it left Toronto late. That's not too bad, so at 11:30am the plane is load and we're ready to go and the captain announces that the flight plan is being changed due to bad weather over Brazil but it shouldn't take long. Finally at 1pm we pull away from the terminal and start the flight home. We arrive in Toronto at 10:50pm, 4 hours later than expected. It meant we arrived at home at 3am but a lot of people with connecting flights were getting to spend a night in a hotel.

Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport was very nice. There are raised platforms on the edge of walkways. I'm not sure what the platforms purpose are but a lot of people were using them as spots to sleep.