Our hotel was conveniently located within walking distance to the Paleis Het Loo (one of the Dutch Royal Family homes, now a museum).

Unfortunately, the Paleis is under renovations till 2021. It was still worth walking over as the grounds were beautiful and so were the gates.

Across from the hotel is a statue of a man with 2 hats --- one for Canada and one for the Netherlands. Unfortunately, there was no wind so it's hard to see but there were also the flags from each country.

Kampen was once a bustling seaport with it's no fleet. When Ijssel River silted up it brought all of that to a halt. The historic district of Kampen still has the succesion of towers and spires that recall those headier days.

Broederpoort gate is one of the three remaining city gates.

A tranquil scene.

7D_2111_2_3.jpg 7D_2132_3_4.jpg
An alley way and a the Nieuwe Toren and a spire.

Street view looking towards the Nieuwe Toren.

The bridge across the Ijssel.

A canal.

Leaving Kampen we stopped at Schokland. There's not a lot there but museum and board explaining the changes to the town. Schokland was an island in the Zuider Zee which ceased to be an island when the Noordoostpolder was reclaimed from the sea in 1942.

Next stop Urk.

Hey Ed, we found the geocache for you. It was beside this pumping station, one of several that keep the Noordoostpolder dry.

7D_2258_59_60.jpg 7D_2281_2_3.jpg
The Fisherman's monument and the lighthouse.

There are a lot of wind turbines in the water at Urk.



Giethoorn is our home for tonight. This is a cute little town with lots of beautiful thatched houses and lots of canals.


7D_2357_8_9.jpg 7D_2390.JPG