Today is another cool day but it's OK as we are spending a good part of the day on the bus driving to Petra.

We stopped in Madaba which is a small town known for it's mosaics.

St. George's Church has been totally rebuilt but parts of the original mosaic floor from AD 560 remains. The floor represents the oldest map of Palestine in existence and provides many insights into the region.

Not too far from Madaba is Mount Nebo and the Memorial to Moses.

A view from Mount Nebo. If you look in another direction you can can see the Red Sea and Jericho but unfortunately not so good today.

Mount Nebo is where Moses is said to have seen the Promised Land. Moses Memorial Church was built around 4th century foundations in 597. It has undergone major renovations. There are 3 mosaic floors built one on top of the other. The top floor has been removed and hung on the walls revealing the 2nd mosaic floor.

An Italian designed bronze memorial at the viewpoint for the Red Sea and Jericho.

We were suppose to visit Shobak Castle (built by the Crusader King Baldwin 1 to 1115) but due to the weather it was closed. We get to stop and take a photo.

Ed took advantage of the situation and threw a snowball at me.

A view from the bus window. Yup, that's snow on the ground and on the trees.

Just as we drove into Wadi Musa (the town by Petra) we stopped at Moses' Spring. This is one of two possible locations where Moses supposedly struck the rock with his staff and water gushed forth. What I found interesting is the young lad who came to the well and scooped up some water for the neighbouring tea shop.