Shortly after leaving Wadi Musa we stopped at a view point for a great view of our Wadi Musa hotel, the trail to the siq, the start of the siq and mountains of Petra.

This photo gives you a good idea of what the rocks are like, if you look closely you'll be able to see people on the trail between the entrance to Petra and the siq.

Next stop was the village of Wadi Rum, where we boarded our "desert vehicles" for a ride through the desert to a "Bedouin camp" for lunch.

I was expecting jeeps and we ended up in the box of a pickup truck. It was a fun ride as long as you were hanging on tight.

Looking back at two of the other trucks with members of our group.

We stopped and climbed a sand dune.

Camels enjoying a stroll through the desert.

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I guess with tomorrow being Valentines Day I had hearts on the brain and found a hole in the rocks that looked like a heart. Ed and I attempted to make hearts with our fingers. It's not really in focus because Ed took it from the speeding bus but he really liked the camel crossing sign.

Scenes from the movie Lawrence of Arabia were shot in this canyon. A lovely Bedouin tea house / gift shop is set up here.

The Bedouin camp where we stopped for lunch was actually a luxury tent hotel at the edge of a small town. The food was cooked in a traditional Bedouin style --- dig a hole in the ground, put a metal drum in the hole, make a fire in the drum, put food on a tiered rack and put in the metal drum, put a lid on the drum, cover with dirt and cook for several hours. Well, traditional might have been a little less sanitary.

After driving another hour or so we arrived in Aqaba which is a resort town on the Red Sea. Our hotel is downtown, a few blocks from the water. A number of our group opted to take a glass bottom boat tour which involved a drive to a resort on the beach. The tour took us over a sunken ship, a coral reef and a plane wreck.

We saw lots of coral, some interesting fish, an eel and lots of jelly fish. This looks like a sketch but it's a photo.

The desert comes right up to the Red Sea.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the boat. The best part of Aqaba was the mid 20s C and a warm breeze on the boat. I'll just have to keep remembering this till summer arrives in Ontario.