The bus took us on a drive around Aqaba as we didn't have much time to the town.

We have a long drive ahead of us today as we go to visit a resort on the Dead Sea. The road that would normally be used is closed to large buses so we have to drive the Desert Highway almost to Amman then go east to the Dead Sea.

Along the highway we saw sheep, goats and camels grazing. Any bit of grass will do.

In general I was impressed with the driving and driving rules in Jordan but they don't seem to care how you ride in/on vehicles.

To help break up the trip we stop at an old Castle, but not one that is related to the crusaders.

Looking into the castle.

A view of the Jordan Valley. A lot of crops are grown in this valley

Just past the view of the Jordan Valley we started going down the mountain and hit sea level. Then we continued to drive further down the mountain.

The area by the Dead Sea is about 15 to 20 degrees C warmer than Amman, so a lot of people head towards the Dead Sea and have picnic lunches when it's cold in Amman. The interesting part is where they stop ---- any piece of land on the side of the road is good enough. We did see a number of people by the beach but more just along the side of the road or on the edge of fields.

Since people are picnicking along the side of the road, the vegetable market is there as well. There were cars and trucks park on the side of the road selling vegetables for at least a kilometer.

Finally we have made it to the resort and we're ready to play in the dead sea. The dead sea has a large salt content so even people who say they can't float, float. I put my feet straight down and put my arms up in the arm I remained at exactly they same depth as when I laid back in the water. It was so much fun. Another great part was that the water was actually warm, OK I made a funny face when I went in but after a minute I was nice a warm and having a great time.

Sharon, me, Ed, Eileen and James all "mudded up". We were standing in front of a sign that indicated we were at the lowest place on earth ---- Ed's GPS indicated that we were 429 meters below sea level.

Ed and I floating. To repeat myself, playing in the Dead Sea is a lot of fun.