On our trip we had a total of 7 flights. On the first 5 flights we didn't have any problem with security --- they did check our computers and cameras but that was expected. Going through security to get into the airport in Amman for a flight home was a different story. They pulled us aside and wanted my suitcase, day pack Ed's camera bag opened. The cameras need checking --- no big deal. The interesting part was how concerned they were about my binoculars and Ed's GPS. Took them about 15 minutes to decide that both items were OK and could be packed in my suitcase --- that's where the binoculars were to start with. First time those items have been a concern. On the security check to get to the departure area we were stopped again. This time there was a check for residue on the computers and cameras (again normal) but Ed's "poofer" caused great concern. The "poofer" is a plastic squeeze bulb for blowing dust off of camera parts. It took about 5 minutes before someone figured out that it was OK.

After that flights were pretty good. We did run into extra turbulence because of Storm Dennis that was closing in on the coast of Ireland and England.

Neighbours who had to be Toronto yesterday picked us up at the airport. Lucky for us the cold snap was over and the temperature was just below freezing. We were glad Brian was driving as neither of us really wanted to be driving in the blowing snow that plagued us most of the way home.

All in all we had an amazing time on our trip. The likely hood of going back to Egypt is extremely small but I would definitely consider going back to Jordan especially Petra. Right now the Petra area is my "happy place". I could sit in the hills and stare at the rocks all day long.